Destination Schools

We achieve a 100% pass rate for independent schools and are extremely proud of our academic record. ‘Success for all’ means  our learners are high achievers, regardless of their destination school.

Pupils at Essendene Lodge School are prepared for a smooth transition to senior school. We feed into  Independent, Grammar and State Schools in the area. We have an extremely high success rate with our 11+ entrance exams. Pupils are prepared thoroughly for entrance into the Kent or Sutton Grammar Schools and also the Independent sector.  A  meeting with our Head, Mrs. Ali takes place for Year 5 parents so that choices of senior schools can be discussed and expectations made clear early on.  Our parents are kept well informed of the process of selecting a senior school with a ‘Next Steps Meeting’ when their children are in Year 4.

We enjoy a good relationship with the following schools and often children are able to secure scholarships to the school of  their choice.

  • Box Hill School
  • Tonbridge Grammar School
  • de Stafford School
  • Caterham School
  • Woldingham School
  • Weald of Kent Grammar School
  • Oxted School
  • Croydon High School
  • Wallington High School for Girls
  • Riddlesdown Collegiate
  • Duntottar School
  • Wallington County Grammar School
  • St Bede’s’ School
  • Lingfield College
  • Wilson’s Grammar School
  • Warlingham School
  • Reigate Grammar School
  • Royal Albert and Alexander
  • Royal Russell School
  • Trinity School
  • Whitgift School

We are very proud that the children of Year 6 have achieved places at the following schools:

Euan Campbell – Caterham School, Trinity School.

Annabel Manning -Caterham School, Lingfield College.

Rohan Panchoo – Wallington County Grammar School.

Nathaniel Frost – Lingfield College, Dunottar School.

Lili Roach – Croydon High School.


Phoebe Harris – Croydon High School.

Gabrielle Bozec – Tonbridge Grammar School, Weald of Kent Grammar School, Nonsuch High School  and Wallington Girl’s High School.

Mollie Libaert-Cox – Woldingham School, Lingfield College, Duntottar School and Riddlesdown Collegiate.

James Murray – Caterham and Lingfield College.

Darcey Vargerson – Old Palace of John Whitgift and Croydon High School.

Olivia Harris – Croydon High School and Lingfield College.

Tristan Haslam – Dunottar School and St. Bede’s.

Amy West – Dunottar School.