International Links



Essendene Lodge is partnered with Msalura Primary School in Malawi. We regularly exchange news and experiences between the schools both by letter writing between the pupils and online via blogs.

In 2016 we held  a sponsored ‘goalathon’ to help raise money to provide the children of Msalura with much needed equipment.

In the Autumn of 2017, Mrs Ali visited Malawi to deliver the equipment so kindly funded by our parents generosity to the children and teachers of Msalura. A huge thankyou to the whole school community for their donations of equipment and funds.

The visit to Malawi during the half-term break to work with our partner school (Msalura Primary) was extremely useful and so much was learned  while working with the pupils and staff at the school. Please do take a moment to take a look at the photographs. They have asked us to say a huge thankyou to everyone in the school community for the kind gifts that were donated by parents or purchased by the school through the funds raised.

The remaining funds of about £1,400 have been safely deposited in a bank account in Salima –  three signatories from the school can now release funds for school development. As usual the money raised from the School Council Cake Sale was added to the funds, and we were able to donate a further £400 to the gifted girls fund – this will enable three more girls to continue with their primary education.

The Days for Girls Project was also well received and the 50 packs will be distributed by the school and the mother’s group to girls most in need. We have also managed to get the three sewing machines they had fixed, so these can be used to teach the girls sewing, enabling them to make liners and shields.

We trust the visit has cemented our partnership further and we hope to continue to raise funds to enable them to achieve their future goals for the development of the school.

Thankyou all once again for your kind support and generosity, it really is very much appreciated!


A little bit of Chichewa to chew on!

Moni nonse (monee nonsay) – Hello everyone

Muli bwanji? (moolee bwanjee) – How are you?

Ndili bwino. Kaya inu? (ndeelee bweeno. Kyah eenoo) – I’m well, how about you?

Dzina  lanu ndani? (dzeena lanu ndani) – What’s your name?

Mrs Ali in Malawi