Our former pupils

Below are some quotes from our former pupils, we think they speak for themselves!


I have enjoyed Essendene Lodge so much! I loved the trips, my friends, but most of all the teachers, they were all so nice! I am going to miss Essendene, but can’t wait to make more memories at Croydon High!

Olivia Harris

My time at Essendene has been great. Even though I’ve been in my class for the shortest amount of time, only 4 years, my classmates have made me feel as if I have been here much longer. Although I look forward to going on to Caterham School, I will miss all my friends and my teachers.
Samuel Gwynn

My time at Essendene has been eventful and joyful! All the teachers are caring and helpful, I will miss this wonderful school and will remember it for many things, I can’t believe I have to leave; can’t they just build an Essendene senior school? I came to Essendene as an immature kid and I will leave it as a mature, knowledgable young lady!

Mollie Libaert-Cox

I have loved doing things at Essendene like going to Bowles. We did many things I had never done before like abseiling and the leap of faith.
I love how small and friendly the school is. I wish I could stay here but I can’t and will miss everyone!
Ines Holton

Over the time I have been at Essendene Lodge I have loved it all! This school is small, but is like a family, a big, big family! We have been on lots of great trips, and we have all learned so much. Essendene is the best school ever and I  never want to leave!

Lottie Church Brady

I joined in Preschool and felt part of the school immediately. I have enjoyed all the opportunities to go to trips whilst I have been at the school. My best memories are Bowles and the trip to Colchester Zoo. They were both thoroughly enjoyable and at the same time we learnt a few things.
Renee Chow

I have enjoyed my time at Essendene as the pupils are kind and the teachers care for you. I have especially enjoyed all the End Of Year productions.
I have been at Essendene Lodge School since the end of Year 2 and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Thank you to all the teachers who have played a part in my school life at Essendene. Though I will miss Essendene, I am looking forwards to starting my new school life at Tonbridge Grammar School.
Amelia Bozec

What I loved about Essendene was the small class size and how everyone knew each other. I liked our school trips because they were extremely interesting , my class made me feel happy and made me laugh. I will miss Essendene so much, as I have been here since I was 2! I love everything at Essendene and I will miss it all so much.
Jonathan Jones

I was at Essendene for 4 years, from year 3 to year 6 and I had the great privilege of being Head Girl. I enjoyed my time at Essendene enormously and I wish I never had to leave. It was brilliant and I enjoyed every second of it. It taught me almost everything I know and has educated me very well. The best thing about Essendene is how friendly all the pupils are and how supportive and encouraging all the members of staff are. Everyone should look forward to their time in year 6, it is challenging but it is also great fun!
Libby Wood

My time at Essendene has been great as the minute I came here everyone was comforting, friendly and welcome. I really like this school as it is friendly and has given me a great education. I have improved so much since coming here. Essendene has been fun and amazing with great opportunities and experiences.
William Bagridge