In Year Joiners

Are you concerned that your child is coasting or falling behind at school?

Nestled in the heart of Caterham, Essendene Lodge School offers an exceptional education that enables every child to thrive. As a highly recommended, inclusive, and non-selective school with an impressive academic record in results and scholarship attainment, Essendene Lodge School is attuned to the needs of children who may not be experiencing the support they need in their learning or are not being challenged enough to realise their full potential.

Essendene lodge school has succeeded in creating a wonderful, family environment in which each child is recognised for their own unique qualities. As it’s a small community, children from the nursery to Year 6 know each other well. The small class sizes enable adequate time and attention to be given to each child, which is specifically tailored to their individual needs. Parent

Our Curriculum

As a wellbeing accredited school, mental health and wellbeing sit at the heart of school life at Essendene Lodge School. Our children are happy, they feel heard and they develop healthy mindsets that instil a lifelong love of learning.

Children reach their potential through our differentiated approach to the curriculum. We encourage children to think independently and develop the skills to question, solve problems, collaborate and communicate effectively. We focus on traditional values but we also embrace new technological advances. Each child has their own iPad to promote independence and provide more of an innovative approach to teaching and learning.

Drama, Art and Design, Computing, Music, French, Swimming and PE and Games are all taught by specialist teachers whose passion for what they do is felt by the children in every lesson.

Our extra curricular offering helps ensure each child’s unique and natural talents are recognised and encouraged – whether that be through Drama, STEM, Chess, Cookery, Maths Clinic or Debating Club to name just a few of the activities we offer.

As a small school we are fully committed to making a difference locally, nationally and internationally. Over the past 11 years we have been supporting a primary school in Malawi – an initiative that was recognised by The Independent Schools Association for outstanding international involvement and has had a hugely beneficial impact on children here and in Malawi.

Our bespoke 11+ preparation and support enables our children to achieve excellent results and move onto the right school for them – whether that be a highly selective grammar or independent school.

Here at Essendene, we equip our children with everything they need to thrive in their learning journeys.

Our 3 young children LOVE Essendene Lodge School – from the teachers to their fellow students to the varied curriculum. The teaching standards are high but the most important facet of the school is the importance it places on values, wellbeing and providing a nurturing environment for all children. Parent

In Year Entry

We pride ourselves on our family feel, our inclusiveness and our welcoming approach. Our small class sizes enable us to provide highly targeted learning to effectively support each child’s needs and enable them to make exceptional progress from their starting point.

Our active and incredibly friendly PTA warmly welcomes new families and instantly makes them feel part of the Essendene community.

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Visit us to see education at its best. Our fees may pleasantly surprise you too. Sign up for Years 2 or 3 for September 2022 and receive £500 off the Autumn term’s fees.