Learning in the EYFS

We understand how daunting it can be sending your child to school for the first time. To help with this delicate transition, we have various support systems in place such as, excellent communication with the parents and a clear structure to the daytime routine so children understand what is expected of them.

We are a small, friendly and happy EYFS setting, in which children are nurtured, have a voice, are taught independence and are given opportunities to thrive and make the best possible start to their lifelong journey. Childrens’ achievements are always celebrated.

The children have fun and take part in stimulating activities. They are given opportunities to learn through teacher-led learning, outdoor and indoor play, making cards and writing shopping lists and stories on the independent writing table, building with construction blocks, creating their own masterpieces in the creative area, acting out real life situations in our themed role play areas, making models with playdough, junk modelling and playing mathematical puzzles and games and solving real-life number problems.

We have a variety of exciting trips, which have included: meeting Santa at Bockett’s Farm, going to Chessington Zoo, visiting the seaside, going to the theatre and trying on firemen suits at the fire station. We also have numerous visitors coming into the school and workshops. Parents are always welcome to bring their ideas and knowledge to the classroom. Parent visitors have talked about Diwali and Chinese New Year and have read theme related stories to the children.