In Nursery/Preschool the children follow the Early Years curriculum with a wide variety of learning opportunities provided. Short Literacy and Mathematic focuses and activities run throughout the morning session alongside free flow activities planned in line with the other areas. We also follow the Read Write Inc. Nursery Phonics Programme.

The Nursery provision is available for 51 weeks of the year. Daily wraparound care is available from 8am to 6pm. Funding is available for up to 15 hours per week, childcare vouchers are accepted.

The children have access to both indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year, making the most of all weather conditions.

Nursery Pastoral Care

When settling the children in to preschool, we endeavour to make the transition as smooth as possible. We work with parents on a phased entry, encouraging the children to show their parents where their peg is, what they like in the classroom, who their keyworker is and finding their name for self-registration.

The children are encouraged to express their feelings so that we can deal with them accordingly. We have a daily message book that is sent home with notes as appropriate about your child’s day. In the event that your child is not toilet trained we will work in partnership to accomplish this.

If children struggle to settle at drop off we do ring parents to reassure and support them.

Pre- School Sports

Each week the children have a dedicated PE session, introducing new skills and developing previous learning. Children are encouraged to dress and undress themselves as independently as possible.