Pre-School (Ages 3-4)

In Nursery/Pre-school the children follow our Early Years curriculum with a wide variety of learning opportunities provided. Our primary focus for the children’s learning and development is on Communication & Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development including health, self-care and hygiene, Literacy and Maths skills. The children are invited and encouraged to sit and join in for short class input sessions to begin to learn skills they will need for their education. During inputs the children will be encouraged to talk, sing, play games and listen to others and the class teacher. The children in Pre-school also have many learning experiences in their child-initiated play and through adult led activities. The children are also provided with other stimulating activity ideas which they can choose to interact with, enjoy and share with their peers.

Our focus for Pre-school children is to support them with growing in confidence and independence, in their own abilities and to understand expectations and to follow rules and social cues, by promoting positive interactions with others. It is important to understand that we are not a day-care and children in our setting are exposed to early education that is fun and exciting. We help them to develop skills that will prepare them for a life-long love for learning. We have high expectations for the children in their behaviour and in their individual achievements.

We provide a caring learning environment that is friendly, homely and fun for the children. We know the children as individuals and support them in developing their interests and exploring the unfamiliar.

Our class sizes are small, which allows the adults in the setting to provide a personalised education and gain wonderful relationships with the children. Our unique set up means all the children in the Early Years Unit can free-flow, not only indoors and outdoors in all weathers, but between the age groups as well. We have found our Pre-school children develop empathy and a caring nature towards the Nursery children and they have the Reception children to look up and aspire to. Mixing the children’s age groups for free-flow has also shown great positives for not only the children’s learning and development but communication skills too.

The Pre-school provision is available from the term a child turns 3, up to starting Reception, for 51 weeks of the year. Providing care from 8am to 6pm daily. (Other sessions are available).


Pre-school Pastoral Care

When settling the children in to pre-school, we endeavour to make the transition as smooth as possible. We invite parents and child in for interview and a short play session, to meet with a senior member of the Early Years Team, to help us to get to know your child. From this meeting we make arrangements for further settling sessions either half days, late arrivals, incorporating staying for lunch and building to full days, if required.

All the adults in the unit will get to know your child, but they will be assigned a keyworker with whoever they have the best bond with. We have regular contact with parents through our tracking, monitoring and communication system, ‘Famly’, which allows us to share photographs and videos of children with their adult, privately.

If a child is not toilet trained, we will support both you and a child in this when they show signs, they are ready to start, and work in partnership with parents to accomplish this. We support the children with feeding themselves using cutlery, eating and trying and exploring new foods.

If a child struggles to separate with parents at drop off we will support them and send pictures or call parents to re-assure them.

Pre- School Extra-Curricular

Each week the children have a dedicated PE session, introducing new skills and developing previous learning. They also have music lessons with a very inspirational and fully qualified Music Teacher. The children also have weekly French lessons, where they are exposed to and can explore the French language in fun and innovative ways.

The children experience a lot in our community as we regularly take the children on local walks, to the library, local shops and the park. Each term the children also experience a visitor in school or a trip out relating to our topics, such as Sea-life Centre for Under the Sea topic, or Chessington zoo for our zoo topic.