Moving to Reception

In preparation for Reception we provide the opportunity for children to access the Reception class for joint activities in readiness for their move. Throughout the Summer term there are joint events to facilitate a smooth transition.

 Reception Learning

We learn through a series of topics that change bi-annually. This gives the children the opportunity to access all seven areas of the Early Years Curriculum in a fun, inspiring and creative way. Each day the children have a literacy, phonics and mathematics focus where they are given the tools to build on previous learning and take on new learning.

The children access their learning through a mixture of adult led, focussed and child initiated activities. This balance ensures progress and development, individualised support and child preferred tasks.

There is an expectation that parents will work in partnership with their child’s learning by reading daily, learning the letter sounds and practising handwriting. In the Spring and Summer terms, where appropriate, children will begin to bring home more formal activities as homework.

 Links with Parents 

In Reception we are very keen to have parents involved in their child’s learning. At the beginning and end of each day there is the opportunity for an informal conversation about any achievements, issues or general information sharing. Each term we have Parent Consultations to share the child’s learning and progress.

We welcome parents to read with the children, come in and help with an activity, during our whole school theme weeks and on occasions to join us on school trips. The Early Years unit operates very much on an ‘Open Door’ Policy.

 Reception Sports

Throughout each session during the day there is the opportunity for children to access the Outside Learning environment where they can use a range of equipment to develop their skills.

Each week the children have a dedicated PE session and Swimming that is taught be specialist teachers.

 Pastoral Care in Reception

Throughout Reception we provide support with transition from Preschool to Moving up to Keystage One. Open dialogue with parents and keyworkers ensures the needs of the children are met and individual learning journeys are undertaken.

 Moving to Prep School

In preparation for moving to Keystage One, learning becomes more formal with a structured Literacy and Mathematics session. This prepares them for a structured learning environment in year 1. Children are given activities once a week to complete at home in readiness for homework tasks to support their learning.