SATS Results 2021

National Scaled Scores Summer 2021

In Summer Term 2021 national SATS tests were cancelled due to Covid restrictions. The following information is based upon our internal testing processes, using Rising Stars Assessment. This is directly comparable to SATS data using the process of scaled scores to make the data equable.

The range of scaled scores available for each national KS2 test is between 80 and 120.  80 is the lowest scaled score that can be awarded and 120 is the highest scaled score and equates to 100%.

Pupils achieving at least a scaled score of 100 are considered to have met the expected standard of the test.

A pupil awarded a scaled score of 99 or below has not met the expected standard in the test.

The scaled scores nationally are as follows:

Reading 80-120
SPaG 80-120
Mathematics 80-120


Essendene Scaled Scores

The range of scaled scores at Essendene varies depending on which subject it is. The tests we use are from Rising Stars and they have worked with AlphaPlus to carry out a detailed statistical analysis between the results from Optional Tests for Year 6 and the scaled scores of the national  SATS tests.

The range of scores in Year 6 at Essendene Lodge in 2021 are as follows:

Reading 88-121
SPaG 87-118
Mathematics 89-115



Less than 100 100-110 111-117
Emerging Meeting Exceeding
6%* 12%** 82%

*Includes 1 SEN Child

**Includes 2 SEN Children



Less than 100 100-109 110-117
Emerging Meeting Exceeding
12%* 18%* 70%

*Includes 1 SEN Child

**Includes 2 SEN Children



Less than 100 100-107 108-114
Emerging Meeting Exceeding
12%* 18% 70%
**Includes 2 SEN Children