Essendene Lodge children are happy children.

Our primary objective is to cultivate a nurturing environment that prioritizes the well-being of our pupils, fostering an atmosphere where they feel appreciated and can flourish both emotionally and academically.

To acknowledge and encourage achievement, we organize a weekly assembly called "Star of the Week" and distribute house points. These accolades are bestowed upon students for their exemplary behaviour and accomplishments throughout their time at Essendene Lodge. Our dedicated teachers and support staff not only provide academic guidance but also offer support and build strong relationships with students, which we consider to be exceptional. Our staff members consistently promote positive conduct, and pupils are actively encouraged to approach any staff member to discuss their concerns. Additionally, we organise a weekly well-being club, open to all children who wish to participate, to further address their emotional needs.

We take immense pride in the level of care we provide within the school premises, as well as in our supplementary services that extend beyond regular school hours.

Responsibility and Leadership

In the upper Key Stage 2, students are entrusted with roles as prefects, and we have appointed a Head Boy and Head Girl, along with House Captains for each of our four houses and Sports Captains. This fosters a sense of pride among the pupils and underscores the idea that leadership entails responsibility. Moreover, pupils participate in the democratic process by electing a class representative to join the School Council. This council organises events and fundraisers for our partner school in Malawi.